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Embark your Digital Journey

While you focus on moulding your product, we build a secured platform for you on the cloud

About Us

A team of passionate technologists who are obsessed with the quality and performance of software being developed. We are just another consulting firm, who loves solving complex problems but unfortunately we won't let you fail. With growing digitalisation, our mission is to apply development best practices to ensure a secured digital journey

Technology has been evolving at a fast pace, we didn’t get there alone and neither will you. To read more about our approach

Our Approach
Working Process

How it works?

We have crafted the process to ensure there is clear delivery principles followed


Requirement gathering: Multiple discussions to thoroughly understand and clarify the functional and non-functional requirements.

Project Scope: Articulate what the project entails so that all stakeholders can understand what's involved. This includes defining, at a high level, what the system will do and establishes the boundaries within which the team will operate.

Project feasibility: A project must be feasible from technical, operational, and business perspectives. In other words, one should be able to build it and once it's deployed we should be able to run it. It should also economically makes sense to do these things.

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The aim is to gather the information necessary to control the software project. It describes the approach to development and is the used to direct the development effort and track progress.

Focussed actions are listed below:

  • Architecture
  • Application Design
  • Infrastructure Design
  • Infrastructure cost and estimate
  • Number of people needed
  • Delivery timeline
  • Deliverables
  • Technology
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We believe that the way people interact with each other is the primary determinant of success for a solution delivery team. Also, the team members should collaborate closely and learn from each other.

Following agile methodology, the team will be presenting the sprint progress every 2 weeks to ensure there is no deviation from the vision.

While most of the executions fail because of Cloud infrastructure spend, our teams ensure this is taken care with clear definition of infrastructure sizing and keep safety check on cloud billing.

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